11 Times We Wanted to Drop Everything and Become Kate Middleton

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Happy birthday, Kate Middleton!

The Duchess of Cambridge (and momma to be) is celebrating her 33rd birthday Friday! She’s beautiful, she’s a real-life princess and she lives in a royal palace. So basically, we can’t think of another human being we’ve ever been more jealous of right now.

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To show how utterly obsessed we are, we’ve rounded up the 11 most important times we wanted to drop everything we were doing and live the dream that is Kate Middleton’s life.

1. When she made it perfectly acceptable to give side eye to anyone we want. To be fair, who tells the Princess what to do?

2. Every. Single. Moment. Of the royal wedding.

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3. When we realized her hair was all kinds of perfect.

4. When she became THE ONLY PERSON who could make Beyoncé look intimidated.

5. Seriously?! NO ONE looks this gorgeous just hours after having a baby.

6. When she proved she knows how to hit it off with just about anyone and how adorable she was pretending she was in pain from a child’s fist bump.

7. “Don’t mind me, just dancing over here and looking like a goddess.”

8. That time she perfectly pulled off a hat that would look like an unfortunate toupee on anyone else.

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9. BRB, just crushing it at ping pong.

10. No matter what she’s saying or doing, any conversation she’s in always looks like the most important one that’s ever happened.

11. When she proved that she was cuter and more feminine than anyone in the entire world.

Check out the video above to see 11 moments when Kate showed off how she is more like a totally normal woman in her 30's rather than a royal!

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