The Golden Globes May Have Spoiled the Best Picture Winners

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Did the Golden Globes website just spoil the Best Picture winners?

On Friday afternoon, the official website of the Golden Globe Awards replaced two of the 2014 winners, listing civil rights biopic Selma as Best Picture - Drama and Sondheim adaptation Into the Woods as Best Picture - Comedy or Musical.

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The Guardian first reported on the error, though it was unclear at the time whether the posting was a premature announcement or merely a glitch.

According to a tweet by BuzzFeed Senior Film Reporter Adam B. Vary, the error was random and not indicative of the actual category winners.

"While testing the official website of the Golden Globe Awards for Sunday’s ceremony, Bluefin inadvertently took the test live," claims the site developer for the Golden Globes website. "We randomly selected two film titles with no knowledge of the category winners. We are solely responsible for the error."

Seems to be a harmless mistake, but if you haven’t filled out your office pool yet, maybe this is your tiebreaker?

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