This Genius Dog Knows How to Take the Bus to the Park by Herself

KOMO 4 News

For every dog owner out there who has been a little busy, a little lazy, a little sick of fetch, and have said, “I wish you could just take yourself for a walk!”, this one’s for you: This dog can do that! Seethe with jealousy!

, a 2-year-old black lab mix who lives in Seattle, has learned how to get on the bus outside her apartment, ride for “three or four” stops, and get off at the dog park.

"All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does," one regular commuter told KOMO 4 News. Another rider added, "She was most concerned about seeing out the window...It was really just about seeing where her stop was."

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Eclipse and her owner, Jeff Young, have been going to the same dog park for years. Eclipse's solo trips started when Young took a little too long smoking a cigarette one day. “We got separated,” he recalls. “[Now] she gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park.”

"She's been here the last two years, so she's been urbanized, totally. She's a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog," he says. "Probably once a week I get a phone call. 'Hi. I have your dog Eclipse here on 3rd and Bell.’ I have to tell them, 'No. She's fine.' She knows what she's doing."

Please teach us your secrets. We’d be happy if our dogs could just let themselves out into the yard for a few minutes. And if you’re the type that needs to see it to believe it, watch Eclipse in action:

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