Is It Possible to Ride all 46 Rides at Disney World in One Day? Find Out!

Disney World

If you believe it, you can achieve it.

Ted and Shane of theme park blog Parkeology believed one thing: They could tackle all 46 rides at Disney World’s four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) in a single, 17-hour day.

Which means all of these rides. Every one:

Disney World

It’s something they were unable to do in 2013, when they finished two rides short because of the weather: “Outwardly, we expressed satisfaction with the attempt. We had proven it could be done and came within a few raindrops of making it,” they explain on their blog. 

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“But deep down, we felt that we left something unfinished,” they continue. “The day itself faded like a surreal, grueling dream…It seemed too much to hope that we could recapture the magic. It seemed unthinkable to risk coming up short again.”

But last November, they got their FastPasses and attempted it again. One day. 17 hours. 46 rides. From Tower of Terror to Splash Mountain...

The Mad Tea Party to It’s a Small World, and everything in between.

So did they do it? Watch to find out. And read a detailed account of their day here.

Ted and Shane say they ended the day “physically exhausted, mentally spent, but very happy with how things had turned out...Last year we had proved it was possible. This year, we actually did it.”

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