Dr. Oz Asked Jennifer Lopez About the Color of Her Urine

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Jennifer Lopez has heard a lot of weird interview questions in her time, but Dr. Oz might have just raised the bar when it comes to awkwardness.

Lopez appeared on The Dr. Oz Showto reveal her health and beauty tips, and was soon participating in a demonstration on the importance of hydration - which is when Oz busted out one bizarre line of questioning.

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"Do you ever look at your urine?" Dr. Oz asked, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. "Well, you must."

"Sure," responded a befuddled, nervously laughing Lopez. "Every day."

"The color, when it comes out. Describe it to me," Oz continued, really not understanding how weird all this must sound to the pop megastar.

"Uh, it's kind of light yellow?" Lopez offered, doing her best to play along and not make things even more uncomfortable.

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But finally, Lopez couldn't help but address the elephant in the room.

"That’s the first time in 10,000 interviews that I've done in my life that anybody asked me the color of my pee," Lopez said, laughing. "Something new every day!"

As it turns out though, her pee is apparently a perfectly healthy color – in case you were worried that she wasn't drinking enough water.

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This episode of The Dr. Oz Show airs Jan. 23.

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