Kim Kardashian on 15-Pound Weight Gain: I'm Seeing a Nutritionist

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Kim Kardashian West got candid during a visit to the ET set about her 15-pound weight gain and what she's doing to live healthier.

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"I just started seeing a nutritionist, because I don't understand why ... I mean I do [understand] because I eat really bad," Kim admitted to ET, explaining that her go-to dishes are soul food items. "I just started to eat really healthy and work out more and just try to change my lifestyle, especially when you have a baby. I want to know what to cook and how to cook healthier. We've just changed our lifestyles."

Making a change in lifestyle is no small task, especially for a couple as busy as Kim, 34, and husband Kanye West, 37. Between the amount of work and travel associated with their professions, rumors have sprouted that the two moguls could be growing apart, but Kim says those rumors couldn't be more wrong.

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"We stay home and hang out," Kim said. "We are truly obsessed with each other. We have the most normal relationship."

Kim gave a glimpse into their everyday, which includes Kanye giving her everything from fashion advice to making her lunches.

"I mean, we do everything [together] from right as I was leaving here, like, 'How do I look babe? How does my outfit look?' And you know, he's like 'Eww, those shoes are bad, take those off, here, put these on, OK, are you hungry? Here, let me hurry
up and make your lunch before you go,'" Kim said. "We are together all the time and always wanting each other's opinions -- and we are just best friends."

Things are going so well that the couple is hoping to give a sibling to 19-month-old daughter North.

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"We've been trying," Kim said, denying rumors that she's pregnant. "I pray about it."

Fans can see Kim in a T-Mobile Super Bowl ad poking fun at the amount of selfies she takes.

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