Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir Make Super Bowl Picks Based on the Hottest Player!

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They're figure skating Olympians, but now they're talking football.

Tara Lipinski
and Johnny Weir proved they were a dynamic duo with their coverage of the Sochi 2014 Olympics, and now they're telling ETonline all about their upcoming Super Bowl XLIX pregame coverage.

Known for their amazing wardrobe changes in Sochi, the duo has a love for fashion. In fact, they brought to Phoenix six suitcases of luggage with enough to accessorize any football jersey. "[We packed] clothes, shoes and lots of jewels!" Weir says.

For the big game, the fashionable duo will have matching outfits. The same designer who created Weir's Pegasus Kentucky Derby hat, Kerin Rose Gold, will design two custom elements for him and Lipinski.

"We're going to look beautiful," he teases. "Luckily, both teams have similar color schemes." 

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Yet, they both chose a team to root for based on a particular player rather than uniforms."We're rooting for [New England Patriots tight end] Rob Gronkowski. We got to interview him," Lapinski says. "He was so nice, and we fell in love. We're rooting for him specifically, and he just happens to play for the Patriots."

"We watched a couple of his YouTube play moments. We don't understand anything. We just think he’s a big, hot dude," Weir adds.

Gronkowski is not the only one they're excited to see though. Both can't wait to see halftime performer Katy Perry.

"We listened to Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' on repeat at Sochi. That was our pre-game song in the makeup trailer. We'd make sure the makeup girls would turn it on, and we'd listen to it every day," Lipinski says. "It's just right that at our next event together, Katy Perry would be there."

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Expect Perry to be referenced in the broad range of topics discussed on Sunday by the duo, who will touch on "everything from purses to punting."

And although the pair admits they aren't experts in football, they do understand the high stakes involved in one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Having competed at the Olympics, they revealed their own mental preparation included prayer and a drink of holy water for Weir. But ultimately, it's about letting go.

"When you're as good as these teams are, and when you're prepared and ready to compete as an athlete, the hardest part is just letting go and staying out of your mind," Lipinski explains. "But these teams are so talented, and that's why it's going to be so good to watch them brawl."

So what are they most excited about on Sunday?

For Weir, it's "Gronkowski in spandex." And Lipinski agrees: "It's Gronkowski too."

Pregame coverage starts this Sunday, Feb. 1 at noon ET on NBC. 
Check out the video below to see Katy Perry spill Super Bowl halftime show secrets.

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