This Two-Year-Old and Her Pet Pig Are So Adorable It Hurts


A YouTube user uploaded these videos of an adorable little girl named Libby and her baby pet pig, Pearl. WARNING: watching these may give you a deep longing for a special kind of bond the rest of us can simply never know.

It's just too perfect.

Watching little Pearl scurry around brings about this existential clarity where we can appreciate beautiful moments we can never experience ourselves.

Run, Pearl! RUN! You are a microcosm of childhood and innocence that exists independent of a world where news anchors fall from grace, and no name is safe from John Travolta's perplexing pronunciation.

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If you can stomach even one more second of probably the most adorable friendship ever, you'll probably like to know that yes, Libby and Pearl are on Instagram.

It is quite heartwarming.

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Pearl plays peek-a-boo.

Libby has other animal friends.

And this, just this.

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