Best Billy on the Street Ever: Michelle Obama vs. Big Bird vs. Elena

Funny Or Die

It's not every day you see Big Bird and Michelle Obama talking about Ariana Grande.

The first lady of the United States, the Sesame Street character and Billy Eichner's favorite recurring guest Elena got together in a grocery store to play a pop culture game for the comedian's Funny or Die show, Billy on the Street. And this being the first lady, healthy eating is the main focus. Well, healthy eating and Ariana Grande.

Perhaps, the best moment in the entire wonderful clip is when Elena first meets Michelle. She can't even believe it and even, "This isn't an actress?"

Michelle acknowledges the strangeness of it all, "You never thought you would meet me in a grocery store with Big Bird!"

Then the unlikely trio gets down to business, playing "Which is better? Ariana Grande or eating a carrot?"

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As Big Bird and Michelle are promoting their "Eat Brighter" campaign, the questions continue to get more vegetable themed, like this one: "Gwyneth Paltrow makes a fantastic broccoli and arugula soup. Does this matter?"

When Elena says no, this is the wrong answer as Gwyneth has a website

Things take a turn for the very weird when we get to the FLOTUS Bonus Round.

It all starts with a slow dance with Big Bird, then some lighting grocery store hiding, followed by driving Billy around in a shopping cart as he reads Gwyneth’s Academy Award acceptance speech for her role in Shakespeare in Love.

Just when this couldn't get funnier, Michelle wins a huge picture of Ariana Grande's famous pony tail for all of her efforts. Elena is not bitter though as she knows something about that pony tail, "It's fake."

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Check out the video below to see Mrs. Obama crown the school counselor of the year.

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