This Cat's Reaction to Having Her Teeth Brushed Is Our New Reaction to Everything


Who knew there was still a YouTube market left untapped? Just when every type of video had seemingly been done to death, a delightful new genre has arisen: The first teeth brushing.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: This will only work with babies -- like this laughing baby who can’t stop biting his dad -- and you only need to see it once to get it. Nay! After watching Milk the ragdoll cat’s reaction to getting her teeth brushed for the first time, you will realize this could be done as many times as there are species of animals.

If other animals react half as good as this, it will be amazing every time:

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We are now using this reaction gif for everything. You can too. It’s universal. When the boy/girl you like kisses you:

When you’re having a conversation and somebody says something so stupid that you have to wonder how they’ve survived up to this point in life:

When you think you’re just going to sit in on a work meeting then your boss asks you to present:

When a celebrity goes on a Twitter rant and it starts funny then spirals:

Justin Bieber.


Literally, it works for everything.

How well does Ed Sheeran do in ET’s cat quiz? Watch and find out: