11 Times Rihanna Was Perfect Without a Man

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Remember when Chris Brown said that his ex-girlfriend Rihannacouldn’t do better than him? Ignore -- if it’s possible -- any baggage that came with their relationship (his domestic abuse, etc.) and think about that statement at face value: Rihanna can’t do better than Chris Brown.


BadGalRiRi is currently rumored to be seeing Leonardo DiCapario -- already better than Chris Brown --and there are reports that Leo threw her a birthday party. These are supposedly pictures of the two together:

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But here’s another thing: Rihanna doesn’t need a man in the first place.

She’s a badass feminist who’s doing it for herself. Maybe someday she will choose a man who will have the pleasure of dating her -- and trust, it will be his pleasure -- but she’s living her best life without a man at her side.

Because ph*ck love. Who has time for it when you’re too busy topping charts and counting cash?

Plus, Rihanna knows guys ain’t sh*t. Step you game up, gentlemen.

This is a woman who isn’t afraid to take things into her own hands:


And her soul mate isn’t going to some rapper or some R&B singer or some actor or some basketball player. She already found her soul mate: Her best friend, Melissa.

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So keep it moving. Don’t come for Rihanna, because she won’t hear it. Call her “baby girl” and watch her topple the patriarchy:

She does what she wants, when she wants. She’s a fully realized, pro-sex, successful woman who likes to be on top. Take that how you will.

Call her a slut. Call her a whore. Try to suppress her with your objectifying male gaze and your moral outrage culture. Rihanna is owning her sexuality because it is HERS.

The thing is, Rihanna knows the truth so many try to keep hidden:

So back off, men. If Rihanna wants you to come, she’ll call for you.

Here’s what Rihanna had to say about new music to Entertainment Tonight:

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