Demi Lovato on Possible Eminem Collaboration: 'I Can Relate to Him on Being in Recovery'

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Demi Lovato is hard at work on her fifth studio album.

Her last album, Demi, was released nearly two years ago and featured catchy pop hits like “Heart Attack” and “Neon Lights” – but this time around, the 22-year-old starlet will be showcasing a different side of herself.

“This year, it's super important to me that I embrace who I am as an artist and to become more authentic to who I am,” Demi tells ETonline in a new interview. “I want to release music that is different, that I've never done before... and that showcases who I am and what I can do vocally. I’m excited to explore with different sounds which is what I’m doing in the studio right now and to see what comes about.”

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But if you -- like the rest of the world -- are a fan Lovato’s inspirational ballad “Skyscraper,” she promises to include some slower tunes on the highly-anticipated album.

“You can expect ballads,” she says, “but it’s all about balance.”

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Demi, who shared an Instagram with a sweet message to Nicki Minaj last week, and is close with Nick Jonas wasn't opposed to the idea of collaborating with these two artists.

“I don’t know! You never know…” she teased before revealing who her other dream collaborations are.

“Kelly Clarkson, duh!” she joked, referencing Kelly’s recent claims that everyone usually says no” when she asks to collaborate with them. “And, I would love to work with Eminem actually… I can relate to him with being in recovery and things like that so I think we could make something awesome together.”

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Demi, now we’re counting on you to make all these collabs happen!  Watch the video above to see her talking about her new tunes. 

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Demi also got candid about living life in recovery, revealed why she embraces being a role model and talked openly about body image issues plaguing young girls. Click here to watch that interview.

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