Was Jared Leto Really a Male Stripper?

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Jared Leto debuted his platinum new 'do at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, but his possible stripper past may surprise you even more!

Earlier this week, Suicide Squad director David Ayer sent fans into a frenzy by sharing pics of Jared chopping off his long locks for his role as the Joker in the upcoming new flick.

While the lighter look shocked fans, it’s not the first time the 43-year-old singer-actor has rocked the almost-white style. We did some digging in the ET vault and it turns out the Oscar winner had a similar look going on when we caught up with him in 1998 to talk about Urban Legend and Fight Club.

Then 26, Jared dropped a major bombshell while sharing some of the odd jobs he had before making it big.

"I've done all kinds of things. I was a male stripper at one point – that was when I was 16 though so I shouldn't talk about that," he told ET before letting out a small laugh.  Watch the video above to see Jared’s reveal for yourself.

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The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman also divulged that he and his older brother, Shannon, played music for money when they were children and later accepted a job washing dishes.

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“My first job, which was my oddest job, was begging [for] change when I was a young kid, 12 years old,” Jared shared. “We actually used to play music and sing, my brother and I. We would sing duets and do a little harmonies… The Beatles, Bob Dylan. It was great fun." Unsure of whether or not Leto was joking about this story, we asked him during the interview if he was “pulling our leg” and the rocker responded with “I’m totally serious.”

“I washed dishes for a while after that at a barbecue restaurant,” he added.

Is it too late to get Jared a role in Magic Mike XXL?!

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