The Taylor Swift & 'Game of Thrones' Mashup You've Been Waiting For is Here


George R.R. Martin has got a blank space, baby -- and he'll write your favorite character's name. And much like Taylor Swift in the original "Blank Space" video, he's good at coming up with insane ways to murder and mutilate handsome men.

This similarity did not go unnoticed by the people at the Nerdist, who created a parody video mashing up the two pop culture icons called "Blank Page."

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In the video, actress Emily Rudd plays Daenerys and Brandon Hillock plays Jon Snow. Nick Mundy stars as George R.R. Martin, perfectly encapsulated in a shot of him stabbing an oil painting of Ned Stark.

"Blank Space" has been the subject of many parodies, but this one stands out as particularly apt. 'Cuz they know you love the (DVR) player, and you love the Game (of Thrones).