This Teenager Looks Exactly Like Benedict Cumberbatch (and Girls Love Him Just as Much)

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Can’t get famous by being talented and perfecting your craft over years and years of hard work? Have you considered just looking exactly like that other famous person?

Tyler Michell
, 17, of Norfolk in England looks a lot like a young Benedict Cumberbatch. Like it’s spooky how similar they look. Like it looks like someone Benjamin Button-ed the real Benedict Cumberbatch and he’s a teenager again. Also probably what Benedict Cumberbatch’s soon-to-be-born baby will look like in high school (i.e. like Benedict Cumerbatch, but younger). Anyway, Tyler is Instagram famous for taking selfies that look like Sherlock.

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"It started out as a joke,” Tyler told The Telegraph. “My close friends and family would tease me and say I looked like Benedict Cumberbatch. I guess I look like him a little -- but I really didn't take it seriously.”

He continued, "Then people would come up to me at school and say, 'Wow you really look like Sherlock.' Suddenly people started adding me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and I got more and more friends and followers...[It’s] crazy as I'm just a teenage boy sitting at home.”

A teenage boy sitting at home looking exactly like Benedict Cumberbatch though.

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Now, Tyler says people come up to him on the streets and comfort him about losing the Academy Award to Eddie Redmayne (which is ridiculous, because while he does looks like Benedict Cumberbatch, he’s also 20 years younger. Cumberbatch looks great, but c’mon, people, are you blind?)

"I was shocked Benedict didn't win. This might be biased but I thought he was the best nomination,” Tyler says of The Imitation Game. “Even though he lost, it hasn't stopped the attention I get.”

Take comfort in that, Benedict Cumerbatch. Your loss hasn’t negatively affected a teenager who looks like you.

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For what it’s worth, Tyler doesn’t think he looks that much like Cumberbatch (but is happy to receive the attention nonetheless). "In honesty, I don't really see the similarity,” he says. “I'm a huge fan of Benedict, but I don't think I look like him."

Tyler’s mom, Nicola Alderton, also claims, "It could be quite surreal having a Hollywood superstar lookalike in the house, but he's just our Tyler."

OK, mom.

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