17 Problems We Have Today That We Didn't Have 5 Years Ago


Technology ruins everything. Well, it’s actually making a lot of things easier, breezier, and better in many people’s lives, but choosing a filter is also really hard work and takes a lot of time. It’s exhausting.

Here are 17 problems we have today that we didn’t have five years ago:

1. Accidentally liking someone’s Instagram while creeping on his pictures from 2011. You can’t take that back.

Once it’s double tapped, that notification has been sent.

2. Picking a filter that everyone in the picture approves of -- and no group of people can ever agree on one filter. Can’t we all just be content with Hefe? It makes everybody look tan.

And never Kelvin.

3. Worry about your Insta getting to 11 likes so it’s not individual names.

If you don’t get to double digits, do you delete it? Look, another problem.

4. When you open your camera and it’s the front-facing camera and you see your face at an angle you never wanted to see it from.

5. Getting a perfect countdown so your “3...2...GO!” isn’t in a Snapchat video.

Also: Anytime you see that someone screenshotted one of your Snapchats.

6. Accidentally left swiping your soulmate.

Vice versa: right swiping your worst nightmare.

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7. Seeing that someone tweeted before they responded to your text.

Never again.

8. Watching the “...” on iMessage and then seeing it disappear. Why?!

9. When your phone is bending because it doesn’t fit in your pocket.

Or maybe that still doesn’t happen? Did we ever figure that out with the 6?

10. Letting a friend use your Netflix account and suddenly your recommendations are all ABC Family movies.

11. The fact that someone can steal your whole life via Venmo.

Maybe. But then again, what’s the alternative? Carrying CASH?

12. Waze asking you “ARE YOU A PASSENGER?” Ummmm, yes.

You don't know me, Waze.

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13. Worrying that the drunk friend you’re leaving the bars with is going to be obnoxious and ruin your Uber rating.

Or feeling guilty when you give an awful Uber driver only three stars and get an email from Uber asking what happened and you wonder if you just got someone fired.

14. A drunk person getting into your car because they think it’s an Uber.

15. Avoiding people who vape.

A blessing and a curse: Because now you know exactly who to avoid.

16. Someone renting your apartment on Airbnb and hosting a sex party.

17. And selfie sticks.

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