Neville Longbottom No More: Matthew Lewis Shows Off Buff Bod in Military Series

Emma Watson tweets a photo of her former 'Harry Potter' co-star causing a stir among fans.

In the Harry Potter films, Neville Longbottom -- played by Matthew Lewis in all eight films -- was dopey, pudgy, and not much of a heartbreaker. That is until he grew up.

Now, at 25 years old, Lewis has shed just about any reminder of his awkward, onscreen childhood days thanks to a new photo tweeted by former co-star Emma Watson. 

The new pic -- a still from the BBC dramedy, Bluestone 42 -- shows Lewis as a hunky, stone-faced military corporal.

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While the pic caused a bit of a frenzy on the Internet, Lewis’ grown-up look shouldn’t come as a surprise for Potter diehards. Since the final two films, the actor has grown out of his pudgy frame and has shown off a scruffy, mature look.

He even displayed his fit frame in an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video.

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