Ashley Judd, Kentucky Basketball Superfan, Becomes the Unsuspecting Target of Dick Vitale's Kiss

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All in good fun, or does this photo make you a bit uncomfortable?

Veteran ESPN analyst Dick Vitale went in for a giant smooch on the lips with Kentucky basketball superfan Ashley Judd before the SEC championship game on Sunday -- the 46-year-old actress is an alumna of the University of Kentucky and was there to cheer on the Wildcats -- without warning.

To her credit, Judd seemed to take it in stride, kissing the 75-year-old Vitale on the cheek in this Instagram shot he posted on Sunday.

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"Eat ur heart out guys / She loves KENTUCKY!" he wrote.

"I think both @DickieV & I are feeling the crazy joy of @marchmadness & the greatness of this KY team," Judd also tweeted.

The Insurgent actress clearly enjoyed herself from her seat in the stands, enthusiastically cheering on her team, who eventually came out victorious against the Arkansas Razorbacks with a score of 78-63.

But not everyone's laughing about the spontaneous moment.

For example, the Chicago Tribune's Shannon Ryan writes, "This isn't something we should so casually laugh off. Why do we think it's cute, let alone acceptable, when old men are physically or verbally inappropriate with women, especially younger women??"

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Last month, another awkward courtside moment made headlines, when The Hangover star Justin Bartha embarrassed Jill Martin about her Bradley Cooper "obsession."

Watch the most awkward interview ever in the video below.

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