The Amazing Story of How This Mama Dog Saved Her Puppies From a Forest Fire


The city of Valparaíso in Chile experienced devastating forest fires over the weekend, with one killed, others injured, and thousands forced to evacuate. The fire was believed to have started at an illegal landfill, according to BBC.

It’s a tragedy, but here is one story to come of it that will warm your heart.


You know how they talk about a mother’s strength? And how a mother could lift a car off her child if it came to it? This is like that: Telemundo did a story about a dog, now called Blacky, who gave birth to nine puppies only a week before the fires.

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When the fire broke out, Blacky lead her puppies to a metal container and desperately dug a hole for them underneath it. Blacky found shelter elsewhere and then returned to the hole when the fires died down. (Vines via Buzzfeed)

One of the rescuers tells Telemundo the puppies “are all alive and healthy.” And after their story spread, The Daily Mailsays many of the residents of Valparaíso have come forth and offered to adopt the family and give them a forever home.

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