Meet the Cutest Little Member of the Police Department: A 14-Week-Old Dog Named Taz!


Stop! In the name of the “awww!”

This little guy’s name is Taz and, according to Daily Picks and Flicks, he’s a 14-week-old German shepherd puppy training to be a K9 unit in Oregon’s King City Police Department. Watch him (adorably) apprehend a “fleeing suspect”:

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It’s unexpectedly cute. But maybe we just like seeing little dogs get out of cars?

(Hopefully he grows up to be a nice police doggy with a nice police human.)

In other police-related viral videos today, here is the Midland P.D. of Glasscock County, Texas assisting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in detonating 20,000 pounds of fireworks seized in under four days.

They claim detonating all these fireworks was “helpful” training for the bomb unit, but really they just wanted to blow up a bunch of stuff. Not fair if you’re not going to let us blow it up too.

Speaking of remarkable dogs, meet Miss P, the adorable Westminster Dog Show winner: