Ludacris' Favorite Movie Is 'The Devil Wears Prada'

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Ludacris' taste in movies will definitely surprise you.

The 37-year-old Southern rapper isn't ashamed to profess his love for The Devil Wears Prada, starring Anne Hathaway as the naive, just-graduated Andy Sachs, and Meryl Streep as her ruthless fashion magazine boss Miranda Priestly.

"I'm dead-ass serious. I love that movie," Ludacris tells Elle about the 2006 film based on the bestselling book rumored to be about Vogue's Anna Wintour. "It's not even so much a chick flick."

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"It's about leadership and focus," he adds. "That's one of my favorite movies of all time, honestly. Period."

But before you start thinking of Ludacris -- real name Christopher Bridges -- as a sensitive soul, he later reveals he actually has a name for his junk. When asked what all the women he's ever dated would agree on when it comes to him, he doesn't hesitate to call out the size of his anatomy.

"Man, how explicit can we get in an interview?" he says. "They would say a factual thing. They would all attest to one thing. And that would be the anatomy. [Laughs] I call it The Truth. 'Cause you can't handle The Truth!"

All joking aside, the Fast & Furious star's dating days are over, as he married his longtime love Eudoxie over the holidays. The newlyweds announced that they're expecting their first child together earlier this month. He has two daughters from previous relationships, Karma, 13, and Cai Bella, 1.

"Life is all about timing, to be honest with you," he says about why he chose to settle down. "I don't doubt any plans that the Man Upstairs has for me. And I listen closely to Him guiding me to where I need to be."

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