This Is Why Sarah Jessica Parker Looked So Disgusted With Tom Hanks at the Rangers Game


American Treasure Tom Hanks recently popped up on the Jumbotron at a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, seated directly in front of Carrie Bradshaw herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. First thought: Why have these two never been in a movie together? Wouldn’t that be perfect?


Why does Sarah Jessica looks so disgusted with Hanx?!

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In other pictures, the two appear to be getting along swimmingly. Hanks, who was in attendance with his sons Chet and Truman, even turned around to chat with SJP’s son, James Broderick.


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So how did it go from that, to this:

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Did she overhear Tom telling his buddy that he’s actually a Miranda? Was she mentally toppling the patriarchy over the fact that she’s given front row seats at fashion week, but relegated to the second row at sporting events? Did Tom Hanks fart?!

(That last one would never happen, we’re sure. And if it did, it would be the most charming fart ever.)

There’s probably a far simpler answer: The game was the New York Rangers versus the Los Angeles Kings. And Sarah’s team (the Rangers, naturally) got quite a spanking by the team Tom cheers for (the Kings), losing 4-2. Mystery solved. Probably.

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