This Husky Standing Up For Itself Is The Most Adorable Thing Ever


You tell him, husky!!

Normally, we don't like confrontation, but this is just too cute so we have to make an exception.

This video of a man arguing with his pet husky is blowing up because while scolding his dog for taking his food, the husky decides to cry back in an adorable, heartbreaking way that we just can't get over.


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Seriously, there's no way we'd be able to stay mad at this little guy, and the fact that the man is able to stay somewhat stern is beyond belief. Even so, you can hear the slight change in his voice when the man realizes he is part of the most adorable argument that has ever happened.


We obviously can't tell what the husky is saying because he is not a human person, but you can tell the dog and the man have a deep understanding of each other, and have done this song and dance before.


Like so much so that it's almost scary.


Eventually the husky is just so done.


Here's the whole video.

We're feeling every emotion that has ever been felt.

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