Duke Sent This Teenager a Rejection Letter, So She Wrote Them a Rejection Letter Back


Tis that time of year: When high school students finally hear back from all the colleges they’ve spent hours or weeks or maybe months applying to, either to have discover their next step in life...or have their dreams crushed.

And one of the colleges crushing the most dreams is Duke University, whose class of 2017 had over 31,000 applicants and accepted a mere 3,819. That’s 12 percent, for those who can’t do the math (and you wonder why you didn’t get into Duke).

As Buzzfeed pointed out, Duke is actually known for their gentle rejections:

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That wasn’t good enough for 17-year-old Siobhan O’Dell. Siobhan, infused with the confidence of a true Millennial (look at her Tumblr bio: “I’m Siobhan Reese and there’s not a boy on this earth worthy of me), decided to write a rejection letter to their rejection letter:

So far, no world on whether she managed to convince Duke to overturn her rejection (she did however, make her principal mad and apparently got called into his office). And while it’d be the ultimate baller move to just show up at Duke in the fall, it looks like she’s going to the University of South Carolina.

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