Karl Lagerfeld Says His Cat Made More Than $3 Million Last Year


His. Cat.

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion icon, designer, photographer, provocateur, revealed to NY Mag’s The Cut that Choupette Lagerfeld, cat, made three million euros (€ 3,000,000) last year. Which is allegedly more than human model Cara Delevigne made, as New York Post (shadily? No shade?) points out.

“She did two jobs and made three million euros last year,” Lagerfeld casually mentioned in the interview. “One was for cars in Germany and the other was for a Japanese beauty product. I don’t allow her to do foodstuffs and things like this. She’s too sophisticated for that."

"She had something unique. She is like a human being, but the good thing is that she’s silent. You don’t have to discuss it. She hates other animals and she hates children.”

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If you’re not already crying into your last bank statement, Choupette, who stays in her own hotel room at New York’s luxury Mercer Hotel (which cost, minimum, $650 per night), has two maids at her beck and call.

“They play with her,” Karl explained like that's a normal thing. “They have to take care of her beautiful white hair, the beauty treatments for her eyes, and they entertain her. She is the center of the world. If you saw her, you would understand. She is kind of Greta Garbo...She’s an inspiration for elegance. For attitude.”

If you’ve learned one thing from this post, it’s this: Steal your friend’s cat.

“Choupette was not even given to me. Choupette belonged to a friend of mine who asked if my maid could take care of her for two weeks when he was away. When he came back, he was told that Choupette would not return to him,” he admitted. “He got another cat who became fat, and Choupette became the most famous cat in the world, and the richest.”

Ruuuuuuude. But we guess if we had a millionaire cat we would brag too.

Now, watch proud papa Karl reveal Choupette’s first ever magazine cover: