James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp Mock Indiana Anti-Gay Law in Home Shopping Parody

Funny Or Die

James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp are taking on Indiana's Religious Freedom Law with the power of comedy!

The two star in a new Funny Or Die video that imagines what Home Shopping might be like in Indiana now that the highly-controversial law is in effect.

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"Can you imagine a world in which a gay couple asks you to make a cake," asks Camp. "And then you actually have to sit down and make it?!"

The sketch mocks the ridiculousness of denying business to people on the basis of their sexuality, all the while Van Der Beek's character seems to be dealing with some questions of his own.

"What's next," says Van Der Beek. "I all of a sudden leave my wife Cindy and go shack up with Don in a post modern house in Palm Springs?"

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Love who you love James Van Der Beek!

Watch the whole video below.

Since being signed into law, the controversial measure was blasted by everyone from Miley Cyrus to Hilary Clinton. Following the public out cry, Governor Mike Pence signed a fix to the law that would ease the concerns that it could lead to discrimination.

Now let's flashback to the movie where James Van Der Beek and Ian Somerhalder kissed!