Kylie Jenner Defends Questionable Instagram Post


It isn't really the weekend without a Kardashian Instagram incident!

On Saturday night, Kylie Jenner posted a photo from a recent shoot that raised some eyebrows.

"What I wish I looked like all the time," she captioned the image.

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Fans quickly pointed out that she looks… well, black.

(Blackface has an ugly history in the United States, dating back to "minstrel shows" in the pre-Civil War era. Non-white people would paint their faces black and draw exaggerated lips and other features to make themselves look like hideous stereotypes of black people. The practice has persisted in pop culture, reappearing frequently at racist frat parties and sometimes on celebrities.)

Jenner deleted the photo, but one person caught a screenshot:

"Kylie Jenner wishes she looked ____ all the time," wrote Karen Civil, an entrepreneur and writer.

The 17-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reposted the photo to Instagram, defending the shot as lighting.

"This is a black light and neon lights," she wrote, adding, "People lets all calm down."

She also responded on Twitter.

"So just got the time to head on social media," she tweeted. "The photographer used a black light and neon lights for those photos."

"Yes, In another world I wish I could have pink hair & blue eyes & covered in sparkles," she wrote in another tweet. "But in this world I'm happy w the way God created me. Happy Easter everybody."

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Later on Saturday night, Jenner posted another photo from the shoot to Instagram, captioning it "goodnight."

Her friend Zendaya had initially gushed over the photo, but changed her tune after fans pointed out the problematic blackface element.

"At first, I saw more of an avatar look but thank y'all for keepin me on point," Zendaya tweeted. "We all gotta stay aware of what image we project." She tagged it #lessons.

Meanwhile, it looks like big sister Khloe is taking style tips from Kylie -- check out her new look: