Kylie Jenner Debuts Insanely Turquoise Hair For Coachella


Kylie Jenner is back to her turquoise ways!

The 17-year old reality star is known to dabble with some blueish shades in her hair, and as since she's off to Coachella with her 25-year-old "friend" Tyga, it looks like Kylie has just gone all out and dropped a whole turquoise bottle on her locks (or she's rockin' a wig, either way).

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She captioned the bold pic, "the road trip begins.."

So tan! So turquoise! Kylie also showed off her blue colors through a pretty impressive MS Paint-style rendering.

Then she put it on Snapchat so you know it's real.


The new locks are definitely a big change from the more simple ombre style she donned at Coachella 2014

Watch out, Indio! Kylie's got some fresh new hair and she's coming to town!

Watch Tyga address rumors he's dating Kylie Jenner below.