Beyonce & Jay Z Ride In The Back of A Pickup Truck On Hawaii Anniversary Because They Can Do Literally Anythin

Truuuck in looooove!

♫ "Cruisin' down the West side highway, doing what we like to do our way!"♫

What does the couple whose volition knows no bounds do on their seventh wedding anniversary? Beyonce and Jay Z are answering that question on the back of a pickup truck in Hawaii!

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There's a billion dollars in that truck bed right now and everything about this photo perfectly sums up Bey & Jay's seven years of total world domination up to this point.

Just the way Jay Z throws up the "hang loose" sign with a smile that communicates -- this is the idealized life and we are living it -- tells you everything you need to know about where they are at in this moment in history.

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Surely, future generations will look upon this image how we look upon the U.S. Navy sailor kissing the woman in Times Square.

On the same trip that Beyonce offered a young fan some poignant, gracious advice, Bey and Jay are sharing this blissful ride on the back on the back of this truck simply because there are no things they cannot do.

And with Blue Ivy and Solange hanging out back in Los Angeles, they are now literally dynasty.

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It's no wonder the Tidal launch was so awkward, how could it not have been?? These two icons now inhabit a plane you or we can only imagine.

Keep killin' it, you two! '15 Bonnie and Clyde.

Now, what more can we do but watch previously unreleased footage from Beyonce and Jay Z's 2008 wedding.