This Moment From the MTV Movie Awards Cemented Amy Schumer as a Star

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Amy Schumer has been a well-known name in the comedy world for years, but Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards was undoubtedly her most high-profile gig yet, and she delivered.

In her opening sketch, the 33-year-old comedian had bits with celebrities, letting J.K. Simmons yell at her in a pre-taped mashup spoofing the biggest movies of the year. She got the audience laughing in her opening monologue with musings on why comedian Kevin Hart is the "same size" as his kids.

The MTV Movie Awards don't boast just celebrities though, they're also notoriously filled with innuendo. Schumer was not a subtle host. She went for words like "side vagina," and devoted an entire sketch to masturbation. Luckily, for the most part, she was funny – as opposed to just dirty. When Schumer asked the audience if her superhero costume was giving her "camel toe," it seemed to be a genuinely off-the-cuff remark, and it worked. Schumer said out loud what we were all thinking, and that's comedy at its best ... even if it is about camel toe.

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But Schumer really showed her chops during a pre-taped sketch that aired her "auditions" for some of the year's top movies. She mistakenly auditioned for Foxcatcher -- as if it were a movie about foxhunting ... for Selma as if it were a biopic on actress Salma Hayek. This was Schumer at her best, and this sketch showed audiences they were witnessing a true talent: Schumer wasn't armed with A-listers or sex jokes, and she was hilarious.

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Official ratings aren't in the for the awards show yet, but it did top the season premiere of Game of Thrones in Nielsen's Twitter ratings.

It all seems to be the perfect springboard into summer for Schumer, whose first big feature, Trainwreck, opens July 17.

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