Ed Sheeran Reveals Harry Styles is Well Endowed

Apparently One Directions' 'Little Things' is not inspired by Harry Styles' little things.

We already knew Harry Styles had it all: an exciting music career, angelic voice, killer hair-- the list goes on and on. But apparently, the One Direction singer is also well endowed according to his pal Ed Sheeran.

Speaking with New Zealand's ZM Online, the 24-year-old singer was asked whether 1D's 2012 hit "Little Things," which was written by Sheeran, was inspired by Harry's manhood.

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"[Harry] definitely hasn't got a little thing," he spilled. "So no, I did not write 'Little Things' about [his] little things."

Good to know.

Real talk though, how does he know this? Most friends haven't seen each other naked, right?

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Well, before Ed could even answer the question he referred to a naked selfie that appeared to be Harry and broke the Internet back in 2012. While Harry denied it was him at the time, his buddy Ed is saying otherwise.

"Did you know Harry leaked that picture himself? He leaked his own picture... I think that's amazing," Ed suggested. "He was just like, 'No one knows, so I'm just gonna tell them.'"

Do what you will with that little bit of information.

Do you think Ed is joking or did he just make a lot of dreams come true?

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