Johnny Depp is the Creepiest We've Ever Seen Him in First 'Black Mass' Trailer

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Those EYES! That gravelly VOICE! The first Black Mass trailer is here, and it just might be the scariest we've ever seen Johnny Depp.

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This first look is exciting and unnerving, and also doesn't reveal much about the movie. That's key considering the story of master criminal Whitey Bulger has become even more widely known since his headline-making capture in 2011.

The trailer starts jovially enough, with upbeat music playing as Depp -- dressed as the infamous killer, complete with a bald cap and lighter-colored eyes -- asks about a steak recipe.

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But at the :45 mark, everything changes. With one word: 'No', we see the darkness Depp is bringing to the role. His unsettling speech about the danger of revealing secrets plays over a montage of Bulger taking out some of his victims (the real Bulger killed at least 19 people.)

At 1:12, David Harbour swallows and smacks his lips in fear, and, well, we get it. At the end, a menacing laugh cackling out from behind Bulger's browning teeth buttons the trailer perfectly. 

Depp is borderline unrecognizable, but this could be his best role in years. Considering the fare Depp has brought us lately (The Lone Ranger, Transcendence...dare we mention Mortdecai?), we're ready for the actor to, well, kill again.

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