The Male Version of Hooters Is Opening Soon So You Can Get Chicken Wings With a Side of Naked Dude


Haaay laaaaaaaaaadies! And gaaaaaaaaaaaay guys!

Finally, a “breastaurant” all our own: Tallywackers is a new bar and restaurant opening soon that will finally provide a Hooters experience for the other half of society. The half that prefers their waiters buff and topless and dudes.

Tallywackers (which, if you’ve ever been 7 years old, you know is a euphemism for the penis, hehe) will open in the Dallas gayborhood Oak Lawn next month. Judging from pictures on their Facebook page, the waiters will wear briefs and the menu will include hot dogs (obviously).

Plus, there’s “live entertainment.” Which probably means the waiters will half-heartedly perform choreographed dances between dropping off trays of chicken wings. Just like at Hooters! Hey, Hooters has been in business for over 30 years, so why not?

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The restaurateurs aren’t shy about naming Hooters as their inspiration either. “[The owner] asked himself the same question we’ve all been asking for years, ‘Why isn’t there a male version for the opposite demographic?’” a Tallywackers spokesperson told HuffPost.

As for the clientele? "While we are aiming towards the LGBT community as part of our audience, we are also expecting and welcome, a diverse clientele including women,” he continued. Including women? OF COURSE WOMEN.

Anyway, if you’re interested -- and hot enough -- this CraigsList ad says that Tallywackers is currently hiring bartenders, servers, cooks, and busboys. Not sure how hot you need to be to be a busboy, but might be worth submitting your résumé anyway?

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