11 Perks of Being the Second Royal Baby

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Before Kate Middleton went into hibabynation (that’s like hibernation before you have a baby, we made it up) she revealed that her due date is “mid-to-end of April,” and, well, IT’S MID-TO-END OF APRIL, WHERE’S THAT ROYAL BABY?

Anyway, as we (anxiously, obviously) await the newest addition to the royal family -- who, not-so-secretly, we’re hoping is a girl -- we wanted to run down 11 perks of why it’s better to be the second royal born:

1. Less responsibilities.
The second royal baby will be fourth in line for the crown, after Prince Charles, Prince William, and older brother, Prince George. So he or she will probably never have to actually run a monarchy, which seems stressful. (No. 2 is ahead of Prince Harry though, which is a brag.)

2 Scandals are more easily forgiven.
Because you’re (probably) never going to be the King of England, people are more willing to forgive your...missteps. Like, no one cares about Harry’s naked Vegas photos anymore. And most people have forgiven him for that time he dressed as a Nazi for a costume party.

3 You get a cool nickname.
Or, kind of nickname: "Spare to the heir." Which is only cool because it reminds you that you’re still a royal, no matter whether you end up wearing a crown or not. You also have your royal title, which is like a cooler nickname.

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4. You’ll have the same fame.
You’ll still get the royal perks. The inheritance (#$$$$$ #richroyalsofinstagram #tooblessedtostress). You’ll grow up in the royal palace. You’ll have the best schooling. The world will love you because you are you. Your face will be known everywhere.

5. Maybe more!
Everyone agrees that Harry is the hot one, right? Precedent.

6. You get to do whatever you want.
Because you’re the spare, your career options are not predetermined. Harry served in the military, as well as starting charities for HIV and AIDs and acting as an ambassador. But you could do anything. Royals have even become actors and actresses. That could be fun! Do you think you’d like that?

7. But you could still be king, maybe.
Which is a nice fallback plan. The last person who was fourth in line to inherit the throne and did was Queen Elizabeth II's father, George VI, in 1936. Anything is possible. Dream it to achieve it. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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8. Less pressure.
William and Kate already had a kid. So while we are excited for another royal birth, it surely won’t be the same pandemonium that it was the first time around. No disrespect to Royal Baby No. 2 (Name TBD). But that’s a good thing! Less expectations and less chance of disappointing people (as much as a baby could ever disappoint anymore).

There is a catch on this one though: If the baby is a girl, there actually might be more pressure. The world desperately wants a princess to wear pretty tiaras and wear fancy dresses and have a royal wedding and other sexist stuff.

9. You’ll have endless dating options.
Sure, your future husband or wife isn’t going to be the king or queen, but you also won’t have the pressure (no. 8!) of selecting the future king or queen. Still, everyone will want to date you. You’re a royal. Date a model. Marry a diplomat. Who cares! Swipe right on love!

10. You get to be the fun royal.
Which is basically the culmination of everything on this list. You get to be the wild child. Just like Harry! Really, this list could have just been titled “11 Life Lessons the Second Royal Baby Can Learn From Prince Harry.”

11. And you get to bond with Prince Harry.
You already have at least one thing in common.

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