Seeing This Puppy Scared of His Own Hiccups Will Change Your Life!


We will never stop smiling again.

After watching this, we will never stop smiling.

You see, Buck is an eight-week-old Heeler puppy who is afraid of his own hiccups. What's more, when they happen, he actually tries to growl and bark them away.

To say Buck is adorable is definitely an understatement. No, this is not just another cute dog video (although there's nothing wrong with those). This is one of those life-affirming moments that makes you choose to be a better person. Now. Today.

Just watch.

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Fret not, Buck. Your fear of hiccups will fade, but the change you evoked in us will last forever. We are going to go fly a kite, let go of old grudges, and pay good deeds forward.

So thank you, Buck. You are our hero.

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