Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Takes Aim at 'Beach Body Ready' Ad


We think you're ready for this jelly.

Plus-size model Ashley Graham has taken Protein World to task, teaming up with swimwear brand swimsuitsforall in the current backlash against the British supplement company's "Beach Body Ready" ads.

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In a photo mocked up to match the same colors and motto as Protein World's "Are You Ready For This Beach Body?" billboard, Graham shoots a come-hither look over her right shoulder as she puts on (or takes off, depending on your perspective) a strappy black two-piece.

"There's no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt!!" Graham captioned the Instagram pic.

People clearly agree that the size 14 model looks sexy -- nearly 11,000 people have already liked her #curvesinbikinis post.

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Graham is vocal about promoting positive body image. Recently she explained to Glamour magazine, "I'm here to remind women that our bodies are beautiful at any size, as long as you are living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself."

The proof is in Graham's success, especially this year. She was the first plus-size model featured in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ad -- for swimsuitsforall, naturally -- and is currently featured in Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign.

The original criticism against Protein World's ads, created to promote their meal replacement aids, was loud and angry. Many of the billboards displayed in the London Underground have been vandalized, including British writer Miranda Fay’s graffiti, "Stop encouraging women to starve themselves," and another that changed the copy to read "#Eachbodysready."


Protein World’s CEO Arjun Seth told the UK's Channel 4 news that the leaders of the latter defacement were "terrorists," and the supplement company later tweeted, "This is not feminism, it is extremism. #getagrip #BeachBodyReady #Winning."

Even though Protein World played defense, the Advertising Standards Authority met with them on Wednesday and ultimately decided, in a statement, to ban the ads due to "health and weight loss claims." The billboards will be taken down in the United Kingdom.

So you know who's really winning? Graham. Go ahead and flaunt those curves, girl.

Watch Ashley Graham show off her bod -- and that same black bikini! -- in her Sports Illustrated swimsuit ad below.

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