The Mariah Carey Cooking Show We've All Been Waiting For

Funny Or Die

The next time you're in the mood for some Frito pie, take some lessons from Mariah Carey!

In a new Funny or Die sketch, the "Infinity" singer co-hosts "Cooking with Mariah Carey (and Also With Bryan)" and makes us all wish that she actually had her own food show.

The cooking is so intense that Mariah needs to wear surgical gloves along with her cohost Bryan Safi. But, as she points out, you should "wear a big diamond ring" over the gloves.

Funny Or Die

Mariah also needs time during the cooking to make sure her hair doesn't get in the way of the food and does the most Mariah hair flip we've ever seen. There's no hair net for that fabulous hair here!

Funny Or Die

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And while it looks it's quite a process to cook with Mariah, she has some pretty amazing stories to make it all fun.

For instance, what’s that "Infinity" lyric everyone believes to be about Nick Cannon — "Boy, you actin' so corny like Fritos" — really about? "I had an Italian lover named Frito years ago. Frito stole my car. He was kind of a jerk," she explains.

To this, Bryan hilariously responds, "I used to date someone named Tostito."

This duo gets even more creative with some of her older classics as they sing lyrics including: "And then a Frito comes along," "You'll always be my Frito" and "Dream Frito come rescue me." (Seriously, Fritos are the real winner here!)

Just when you can't laugh out loud any more, the actual pie making gets better when they add M&Ms and sangria on top.

Funny Or Die

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And then, out of nowhere, Brett Ratner shows up. The director is said to be working on the ultimate Mariah Christmas movie with the diva. 

Funny Or Die

Mariah Carey, Food Network needs you!

Check out the video below to see what Mariah told ET about her "Infinity" lyrics.