Spanx for the Memories: Tina Fey & 13 Other Celebs Who Stripped Down on Talk Shows


Last week, Tina Fey delighted David Letterman when she stopped by The Late Show to say goodbye to the departing host -- and ended up stripping down to her Spanx! It’s not the first time a famous face has shown some skin to Letterman, whose last night hosting the iconic show is May 20. But Letterman is hardly the only talk show host to see naked celebrities. Over the years, dozens of stars have shocked audiences by showing their goods.

Need proof? Check out 13 more celebrity talk show "strippers"!

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1. Drew Barrymore:
Nearly 20 years before Fey said "Spanx for the memories" to David Letterman, the actress celebrated the host's birthday by hopping on top his desk and flashing him her breasts. (Twelve years later, the actress returned to the show to promote the romantic comedy Music and Lyrics. Hoping for a repeat performance, Letterman acknowledged Barrymore’s upcoming birthday, adding coyly, “You know, I've got a birthday coming up as well.")

2. Courtney Love:
In 2004, the singer -- and Barrymore’s pal -- showed a bit of celebrity skin when she visited Letterman. During her chat, the clearly inebriated Love mimicked Barrymore by jumping on Letterman’s desk and giving him a peek. The singer-actress didn’t return to the show until 2010, when she confessed she’d been arrested the night she flashed the host, adding that she sought treatment for substance abuse soon after.

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3. Kathy Griffin:
In January 2012, the brassy comedian stopped by the Late Show to discuss the New Year’s Eve special she’d recently hosted with CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper.Late Show producers showed a clip of the comedian shocking Cooper by stripping down to her bra while standing outside in the chilly New York night. After the clip, Griffin performed a clumsy striptease as both she and Letterman fumbled with her dress’s stubborn zipper.

When it comes to naked guests, though, no one tops talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who has most likely seen more naked Hollywood hunks than any lesbian in history. In fact, naughty DeGeneres often cajoles celebs to disrobe on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, including:

4. Alex Pettyfer:
In early 2011, when the British actor visited topromote the sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four, DeGeneres convinced him to take off his stylish shirt and suit coat and change into a form-fitting T-shirt that read “I (heart) Ellen.”

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5. Isaiah Mustafa:
In April of the same year, DeGeneres asked Old Spice spokesman to autograph a bottle of cologne for a charity auction -- but Mustafa had a better idea. “For you, I’ll give you the shirt off my back,” he said. Audience members squealed as buff Mustafa began disrobing. As he signed his shirt, DeGeneres pressed her luck. “Also, would you do me a favor? Those pants are nice,” she joked.

6. Ashton Kutcher:
Later that year, Mila Kunis' significant other took it all off– and we mean all – while visiting DeGeneres to promote his new starring role on Two and a Half Men. Backstage, Kutcher wore a bathrobe as he chatted with DeGeneres and her mother, Betty. The actor then removed the robe and stood completely naked. Producers may have pixelated the actor’s crotch area, but viewers understood from all the giggles that the ladies got an eyeful.

7. Ludacris:
In the summer of 2013, the rapper and actor visited DeGeneres’s show to promote Fast and Furious 6. When DeGeneres mentioned the “Ellen” underwear she’d given Ludacris as a gift, the star promised he was wearing them that very minute. After DeGeneres accused him of fibbing, Ludacris stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, exposing both his chest and the waistband of his undies. Over the audience’s catcalls, the grinning star pointed to a delighted DeGeneres, saying, “You didn’t really think I was wearing them, did you?”

8. Derek Hough...and Five Other Hotties (aka 9-13):
October 2012 was a banner month for DeGeneres. The host used a charitable cause – breast cancer awareness – to coax some of Hollywood’s sexiest guys to wear tiny swim trunks and sit in a dunking tank. The nearly naked volunteers not only included the Dancing With the Stars choreographer, but also Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, actors Liam Neeson andJerry O’Connell, morning show host Michael Strahan, and French actor Gilles Marini. (The lack of clothes was probably no big deal for Marini, or don’t you remember his full-frontal scene in the first Sex and the City film?)

Press play below to relive Tina Fey's memorable Late Show strip for David Letterman.