Sandra Lee Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis: 'I Was Stunned'

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Sad news for TV chef and author Sandra Lee.

The 48-year-old Food Network star revealed she's been diagnosed with breast cancer in an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday.

"I didn't even cry, I was stunned," Lee said about getting the life-changing news after doing a photo shoot for People magazine's Most Beautiful issue in late March. "You know, and that's just how fast life turns. It turns on a dime."

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However, she told GMA's Robin Roberts -- herself a breast cancer survivor -- that doctors caught the cancer early, and it has not spread. She has already undergone a lumpectomy and is now preparing for a second surgery. Doctors also recommended that she have a mastectomy.

Lee shared how her longtime boyfriend, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, took the news.

"I think he was as stunned as I was," she recalled. "He's been extremely supportive. He's going to be in the operating room with me.”

Lee is clearly a fighter.

"There's two different ways cancer beats you up. It beats up your body, and it beats you up emotionally," she admitted. "And I wasn't going let it rob me from one day of happiness."

She also urged other women to get screened, despite some organizations recommending that women should only start getting regular mammograms once they turn 50.

"I'm 48 years old. I've got a couple years till 50 ... If I would have waited, I probably wouldn't even be sitting here," she said passionately. "They say that there's an incredible amount of women in their 20s and 30s being diagnosed, and they're telling them to wait until they're 50? I don't even know who in good conscious could do that."

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