TV Show Pulls a Horrible Prank on a Teenage Girl Hoping to Be Reunited With Her Mother


It's hard to believe anyone would do this.

A Cambodian television show called Like It Or Not (translated from Penh Chet Ort) had a special Mother's Day episode featuring 13-year-old American singer-songwriter Autumn Allen, who has lived in Cambodia since age 6 with her father.

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Autumn has not seen her mother since moving to Cambodia, and the show promised to reunite them on the show, causing her to tear up and admit that would be a "dream come true."

But it was all a prank.

Autumn was reportedly greeted by local cross-dressing comedian Chuop Rolin.

On her Facebook, Autumn posted that she was in good spirits about the cruel joke.

"I am sure there was no harm intended and I had fun on the show," Autumn wrote.

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However, the young singer later noted that the TV show had apologized, and would be issuing a public apology.

A letter of apology from MYTV.

Posted by Autumn Allen on Monday, May 11, 2015

Autumn then thanked her fans for an outpouring of love and support, including one supporter who wrote, "They showed no respect for you, Autumn. You deserved better than that."

According to the Phnom Pehn Post, Autumn's father helped her through the difficult situation.

"My dad was very proud of how I handled myself in the situation. He took me to a nice restaurant afterward," said Autumn.

She still hopes to meet her mother too.

"My dad thinks she lived in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we don’t know for sure," said Autumn. "Yes, I miss her and do want to meet her."

How cool to handle such a sad situation in such a smart, adult way.

Here's the clip.

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