'Fat Girl Walking' Author Brittany Gibbons: I've Earned Every Curve on My Body

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Blogger and author Brittany Gibbons turned from a self-conscious body hater to a champion for all women, and she spoke to ET about her positive message of acceptance.

"If you're a woman you'd rather take a rusty nail to the eyeball than be seen in public in a piece of Lycra," Gibbons said. "I needed to change the way that women saw their bodies in magazines, ads, online, any of the 500 Kardashian shows on TV. I don't look like any of those women."

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Gibbons -- the author of Fat Girl Walking, a memoir in essays -- was once bulimic and credits her daughter for helping her come to terms with her struggle.

"I'm a mother three times over," Gibbons noted. "I've earned every single curve on my body, and if that's not sexy I don't know what is."

Gibbons turned her no-apologies attitude into her book, out now.

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"We've lost so much time out of our lives being miserable in our bodies -- days and days and days," Gibbons said. "My advice would be to start this journey now and really kind of take responsibility for how you feel in your skin and get to a place where you accept it and what happens after that, good or bad. It's something that you own and I think that losing one more day to being uncomfortable in your skin isn't worth it."

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