Chris Pratt Drinks a Bottle of Whiskey and Gives Horrible Acting Advice (and It's Delightful!)

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“To give you guys a backstory, um, we’re at the end of a GQ photoshoot and we’re supposed to do this acting DVD, acting video kind of bit for YouTube,” Chris Pratt says. “The truth is, it’s hot as hell and I’m drunk...So, I’m trying to improv at the top of my head, but the reality is, I’m not sharp right now. I’m dull. I’m dull.”

Which isn’t actually a backstory that explains anything, but who cares because we love Chris Pratt and we love whiskey and we definitely just fell in love with Chris Pratt drunk off whiskey:

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Pratt’s (drunk) acting lesson cover such dramatic scenarios as:

GQ Magazine
GQ Magazine

Also, what to do when you see a T. rex at a Jamba Juice. “This has been Acting With Chris Pratt. I hope it helps,” he says at the end of his lesson. “I’m guessing it won’t. Just work out a lot and use sunscreen.”

The best part might actually be the slogans he comes up with for Fireball:

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Especially this one:

GQ Magazine

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also had Pratt film an anti-meth PSA, because why not? It’s funny:

Meanwhile, on the cover of EW, Chris Pratt is in a wet T-shirt: