Anorexic Actress Rachael Farrokh Says Only One Hospital Can Help Her

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Actress Rachael Farrokh has grabbed the world's attention with her heartbreaking fight against anorexia. Now, she's made a public plea for help before it's too late.

"I'm 5'7", 40-some pounds, and no hospitals will even take me at this point," Rachael says in a YouTube video.

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Once weighing 125 pounds, Rachael can no longer walk and her personal trainer husband Ron gave up his job in order to care for her every need. They now have a GoFundMe page to raise money for Rachael's treatment.

"There's one hospital across the country that can help," Rachael says in the video. "My chances are very slim and we need your help."

Their fundraising page explains why Rachael's condition requires attention from a specialist, saying, "If she receives too many calories her metabolism will kick up and she will lose even more weight. The is a VERY delicate medical situation."

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Rachael, 37, fell into this spiral after wanting to lose weight. She says she was bullied and mistreated when she was younger because she looked different.

"This is a girl who weighs 40 pounds," psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig told ET. "Because of her anorexia, she's put her body in a state of starvation … After 10 years of ongoing self-starvation, her body is having a reaction to it and that's why this disease can be so fatal."

Rachael is hoping to turn her tragic story into a teaching moment, telling others with similar body image struggles that there is more to their worth.

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"I'm ready to get better," Rachael says.

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