Celebrity Authors Encourage Readers to Be Comfortable In Their Own Skin

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These celebrity authors are hoping the stories told in their books can prevent readers from making the same mistakes they did and offer some comfort to those going through some rough times in their lives. Most importantly, they're showing what it's like to be comfortable in your own skin.

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Actress Mariel Hemingway, perhaps best known for her role in Woody Allen's Manhattan, opens up about how she overcame an eating disorder and a battle with addiction in her biography, Out Came the Sun.

Mariel has lost seven family members to suicide, including her legendary grandfather Ernest Hemingway and her sister Margaux.

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"Suicide's really rough to deal with as a family," Mariel told ET about losing her sister. "I mean, my father denied it. We all pretended that it didn't happen -- that it was actually an accidental overdose."

Blogger and Fat Girl Walking author Brittany Gibbons turned from a self-conscious body hater to a champion for all women, and is always eager to share her positive message of acceptance.

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"I'm a mother three times over," Gibbons noted to ET. "I've earned every single curve on my body, and if that's not sexy I don't know what is."

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Meanwhile, Sopranos star Lorraine Bracco recently penned a book titled To the Fullest and shared that that money problems and depression led her to an unhealthy lifestyle. "I had gained about 35 pounds," the 60-year-old actress admitted to ET. "I was really a tub-ola."

Bracco added that she's since learned how to love herself.

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Adding to that sentiment, Gibbons told ET, "We've lost so much time out of our lives being miserable in our bodies -- days and days and days. My advice would be to start this journey now and really kind of take responsibility for how you feel in your skin and get to a place where you accept it and what happens after that, good or bad. It's something that you own and I think that losing one more day to being uncomfortable in your skin isn't worth it."

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