The Story of Two Sisters Trying to Return a Lost Camera Full of 'Precious Memories' to Its Rightful Owner


It all started with Joanne Mitchinson’s (aka @JCMitchinson) tweet:

A needle-in-the-Internet-haystack search to return a camera full of “precious memories” to a girl she’s never met, who could live anywhere in the world. Which means it actually started with a lost camera, found by Joanne’s sister Lysa Mitchinson.

“It was lying in the middle of the road -- I initially thought it was just the case," Lysa recalls to ETonline. “Then I realized it had the camera inside. I looked at some of the photos to see if there was anything on them that could help identify the owner, which is when I realized that they were of popular tourist destinations -- London, Durham, Bath, Liverpool -- and all dated recently.”

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The tweet has been retweeted by thousands of people, all eager to help. Lysa tells us, “I couldn't believe how far the story got in such a short time! To me, picking up the camera so it wouldn't get stolen or damaged was such a small thing, and it's got bigger than I could ever have thought. “


So what do they know about the girl in the photos? “Not much. I think she's possibly Thai,” she says. “Judging by the writing on a wall in some graduation photos, and by a headline in a newspaper she's pictured reading in one of the earlier ones. She likes nature -- lots of the pictures are of flowers and trees.”


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Which means finding her is a long shot. But crazier things have happened on the Internet. “Hopefully if the story gets spread far enough, someone might recognize her,” Lysa says.

Though they have no leads yet, she continues, “I really hope [someone knows her], as if these are the only copies of the photos that she's got, it is such a shame that those pictures will be lost.”


If you happen to know or recognize the girl, drop Joanne a line on Twitter here.

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