Joe Manganiello Doesn't Mind Being Eye Candy: Men Don't Care Why Women Like Them

Details Magazine

Joe Manganiello has got it everybody.

The 38-year-old idealized human form who is engaged to 42-year-old Sofia Vergara, and starring in the upcoming sequel Magic Mike XXL alongside Channing Tatum, covers the Special Summer Style Issue of Details Magazine, where he talks about not really mind being seen as eye candy.

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"Why would I?" Joe tells Details. "I don't think men care why women like them, as long as they do. That's the point of the nerd in high school who makes it big. You work that hard for a reason. You want to have access to the dating pool.”

Pictured: The last human couple there ever needs to be.

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"No one pointed a gun at my head and said I had to look a certain way," says Joe of bulking up for his True Blood role. "I was hired for how I looked then, and I could have stayed that way, but why wouldn't I want to come in the best shape of my life?"

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He's just GOT. IT.

And he knows it.

He gave himself as a Mother's Day gift.

He's with a star who's got a star.

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Channing Tatum can't even stop gushing about his dance moves.

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Congrats, Joe. You've got it. You just do.

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