The Charity Work You Didn't Know Kim Kardashian Was Doing

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Kim Kardashian West is one of the most influential people on the planet and she put her influence to good work when she gave her time to patients at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Naturally, seeing Kim K. with other children brought up questions about her own, and she told ET's Nischelle Turner her hopes for her daughter North.

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"I just want her to be confident and strong and kind," Kim said. "She's almost two and you can already sense a little bit of a personality, and she's extremely polite and sweet. Having kids teaches you more than you really can understand."

Lena Dunham is also using her status to better lives of others as a strong advocate for victims of sexual abuse.

"I hope that by adding my voice to the chorus of women who talked about their sexual assault that it can work in some way to destigmatize it, because it's still an issue that so many people are so afraid to come forward about," the Girls star told ET.

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Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg urged more women to step up in a similar way that Kim and Lena have done to make a way for more women in the industry.

"If you're a woman in power, put your hand out. Help other people in," Whoopi told ET. "If you look around and you see there are women missing from the picture -- help! But we as women don't really do that."

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