EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Jenner on Her Racy Social Media Posts: 'I Don't Really Regret Anything'

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Between her racy bikini shots on Instagram, the decision to set the record straight about those pesky pregnancy rumors (again) via Twitter, and her constantly updated Snapchat story, Kylie Jenner’s social media moves are a hot topic of conversation lately. But in a new interview with ET, the 17-year-old says she stands by all of her posts… for the most part.

When asked if she or sister Kendall have any social media-posting regrets, Kylie answered candidly, saying, “Only if I post the wrong selfie, then I am like ‘ugh, that other selfie was so much better than that selfie,’ but other than that I don’t really regret anything.”

And while they aren’t wishing for any Instagram re-dos, Kendall and Kylie, who were promoting their brand new Summer 2015 PacSun clothing line in Santa Monica, Calif., this weekend, still steer clear of the comment section.

“You are always going to have haters and negative comments… so we try not to read them,” Kylie added.

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Kendall, 19, shared the same sentiment as her sister, saying, “If you don’t see it, it doesn’t affect you, so I never read negative comments.”

“Really though, you could get a million comments that say you’re beautiful, you’re amazing, you’re this, you’re that and the one comment that’s a negative comment - you take it to heart and it really affects you,” she explained. “Who knows why but that's just how the human brain works and it’s not fun.”

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