11 Jokes About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Second Baby We're Already Sick Of

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Since Caitlyn Jenner #BrokeTheInternet with her beautiful unveiling on the cover of Vanity Fair, you may have forgotten step-daughter Kim Kardashian made a big announcement too: She’s pregnant with her and Kanye West’s second child.

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Even though Kim may have been overshadowed in the end -- sorry not sorry, Caitlyn is everything -- she still had her 15 minutes. And during those 15, we already got sick of all these jokes:

1. That it will be named South West.
Such an original joke.

Kim and Kanye (probably) aren’t going to name their kid after an airline.

2. That it will be named South East.
How would that even work? West is their last name. Are they going to change just this baby’s last name? Or would it be “South East West”?

Ditto for all variation of directions: East West, West West, etcetera. (Though Kim did once say she likes the name Easton, sooo.)

3. Or Key.
Like “Key West.” Like in Florida. Get it????

4. Or Wild Wild.
We assume a tribute to Will Smith’s seminal 1999 Western.

If so, a smarter alternative would be Jim. (Points if you understand this.)

5. Or first name Fievel, middle name Goes.


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7. That the baby will be named Kanye Jr.
Because Kanye says so.

Plenty of normal people name their kids after themselves anyway.

8. Or God.

9. Or Kaitlyn.

You know, because heaven forbid Caitlyn didn’t keep with the “K” trend.

10. Or anything else that starts with K.
We get it. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall are all K’s. But Penelope and Mason (Kourtney’s kids) and North aren’t. At this point, if you think they’re going to specifically give the baby a K name, you’re dated. If you think those jokes are still funny, well...

11. Or Tidal Exclusive West.

OK, that last one is a little funnier than the rest. Because it could happen...

In case you missed it, watch Kim Kardashian announce her second pregnancy: