Allison Janney Explains Kissing James Corden, Reveals She Makes Out With Everyone All the Time

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The Critics' Choice Television Awards steamed up on Sunday when Allison Janney won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, and the Mom star celebrated by making out with presenter James Corden.

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On Wednesday, Janney sat down with Corden on The Late Late Show where they addressed their passionate and hilarious make-out session.

WATCH: Allison Janney and James Corden Make Out at Critics' Choice TV Awards!

"Just to be clear, there were no tongues," Corden said of wild and crazy kiss.

"There were no tongues," Janney confirmed, "I merely went for a laugh, because I was jetlagged and I hadn't prepared a speech, and I knew that you were a fellow thespian. I thought, 'He's gonna understand what I'm doing here.'"

Corden went on to admit that, after the kiss, he thought Janney had given him special treatment, until he saw how she arrived at the studio that morning. As it turns out, the former West Wing star locks lips with everyone in lieu of a "hello."

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Seriously, check out the video to watch the celebrated star make out with nearly everyone in her path, including doormen and makeup artists.

For more on the new Late Late Show host and the kind of fresh energy he's bringing to the talk show landscape, check out the video below.